About Us

Smart Earth Seeds is dedicated to developing the best Camelina varieties available, while working hand in hand with our growers to provide best production practices.  We are the leading global Camelina enterprise and we maintain a continuous plant-breeding program unmatched in scale and scope.

Our plant-breeding activities provide a significant pipeline of trait development to ensure maximum yield and profitability for our growers for years to come. We are focused on sustainable crop production and rural economic development.

In addition to championing Camelina as a valuable rotation crop, our goal is to build meal and oil processing infrastructure in our grower communities to deliver an innovative array of value-added products derived from both oil and meal. We continue to develop the highest quality germplasm for important research trials around Camelina and believe in its utility as a unique high value feedstock for animals in the poultry, egg, dairy and livestock markets as well as in aquaculture. We are also working to help reduce pollution and GHG production by supporting research in Camelina as a potential petroleum replacement. These Camelina-based products are bio-degradable, renewable, are significantly less toxic to the environment and can deliver added value at the farm gate.

Smart Earth Seeds is an affiliate of Linnaeus Plant Sciences Inc. - a leading developer of renewable feedstocks.