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Benefits of Smart Earth Camelina Oil


Excellent Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Camelina is a golden-colored oil, rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, primarily vitamin E (total tocopherols 600-800 mg/kg).

Many horses today receive limited amounts of essential omega-3 fatty acids in their daily diet due to restricted grazing. Daily feed supplement of Camelina oil has an omega-3/omega-6 ratio > 1 and is easily digested to improve and support overall horse health. 


Omega-3 Equine Supplement

- Decreases joint pain and improves joint mobility

- Improves coat and hoof quality

- Supports healthy muscle development, a healthy digestive and reproductive system

- Anti-inflammatory effects


"I have been riding horses for 30 years and breeding Andalusians for about 5 years. Recently, I have been trying Smart Earths' Camelina oil as a feed supplement for my performance horse. I am very impressed with how shiny her coat is, and the quality of her skin. She no longer has dandruff or dry skin. I'm also very happy with the nutritional value of the oil, as she is a hard-working athlete. I know that she is getting what she needs."

Danada Nordin, Andalusian Breeder | Clavet, Saskatchewan

I have found Camelina Oil to be a very effective feed additive to promote joint health in performance horses. Even one horse that was severely injured in his stifle during breeding season responded quickly and healed with full mobility due to the camelina oil. It also certainly adds a shine to their coat and a sparkle to their eye, and seems to improve stamina without causing "excess" (nervous) energy. I highly recommend Camelina Oil as a regular feed additive.

Roger Johnson - Horse breeder and trainer